Distinguished Microwave Lecturers

Circuit Q factor as a basic but still ambiguous index for resonators and oscillators

DML 2013-2015 Takashi Ohira


Everyone agrees that Q factor is a key objective function in designing RF resonators and oscillators. Nevertheless, students, circuit engineers, and even microwave professors often encounter difficulties due to ambiguity in Q factor formulas. There are at least seven possible different ways to...


Wireless Power Transfer via Radiowaves (Wave Series)

DML 2016-2018 Naoki Shinohara

Gokasho, Uji, Kyoto, 6110011, Japan,

Tel: +81774383807

Theory, technologies, applications, and current R&D status of the wireless power transfer (WPT) will be presented. The talk will cover both the far-field WPT via radio waves, especially beam-type and ubiquitous-type WPT, and energy harvesting from broadcasting waves. The research of the WPT...